Yakima Diocese releases list of 16 priests accused of sex abuse within clergy

KXLY News, Washington/July 11, 2019

By Emily Oliver

Yakima, Washington -- The Catholic Diocese of Yakima released a list of 16 priests and clergy members on Wednesday who it says committed acts of sexual abuse while in the church. 

Of the 16 men named, all of them have served in the Diocese of Yakima, but are no longer serving in the ministry.

Bishop Joseph Tyson says the list was released, “as part of the Diocese of Yakima’s ongoing commitment to transparency and to encourage persons sexually abused by clergy or by anyone working on behalf of the Church to come forward.” 

A list of the priests can be found below. 

Christopher Breen, Ordained: 1960 
Sean Dolan, Ordained: 1966 
Gustavo Gomez Santos, Ordained: 2002
Joseph A. Graff, Ordained: 1955
Peter Hagel, Orained: N/A 
Anthony S. King, Ordained: 1959 
David G. King, Ordained: 1949
Richard O'Connor, Ordained: N/A 
Aaron Ramirez, Ordained: N/A 
Hilario Ramirez, Ordained: N/A 
Richard Scully, Ordained: 1978
Michael J. Simpson, Ordained: N/A 
John L. Tholen, Ordained: 1962
Carlton E. Whitten, Ordained: 1961

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