San Diego Roman Catholic diocese pays more than $500,000 settlement to former altar boy

News Summary/February 20, 2007
By Rick Ross

The San Diego Catholic diocese made a settlement in November of 2002 with one of three men that claimed Monsignor Rudolph Galindo sexually abused at Chula Vista church when they were altar boys. The settlement was confidential, but the man's attorney, Del Mar attorney Irwin Zalkin of Zalkin & Zimmer, said it more than half a million dollars, which came from both Galindo and an insurance company that covered the diocese. Rev. Steven Callahan, chancellor of the diocese, confirmed the settlement.

The abuse occurred in the church rectory, the office and Galindo's living quarters at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church. The priest also molested the minor children on trips.

At the time the abuse began in 1958 one man was 9 and the others 10 or ll, Zalkin said.

Bishop Robert Brom stated publicly that Galindo admitted abusing minor children. Brom barred the priest from ministry.

Galindo's name was also given to the San Diego District Attorney's Office. But the priest could not be prosecuted without the cooperation of victims, authorities said.

Galindo, allegedly in a treatment center, could not be reached by the San Diego Union-Tribune for comment.

Zalkin continued to negotiate on behalf of the two other altar boys Galindo molested.

"It would seem to me that the main concern should be compensating these victims and then, secondarily, work it our with your insurance company. They have put their concerns ahead of the concerns of the victims. I find that unfortunate," Zalkin told the press.

Brom said he had received complaints against 23 priests, but refused to give specifics at the time about any settlements or negotiations with alleged victims.

Note: This news summary was based upon an article titled "Diocese will pay former altar boy who was abused" by Susan Gembrowski published by the San Diego Union-Tribune November 2, 2002

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