Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph Facing New Lawsuit

WDAF-TV Fox News 4, Kansas City/October 25, 2011

Kansas City, Missouri -- The Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph is facing a new legal worry. It's part of an ongoing priest sex scandal. Punitive damages based on a new court filing.

In a five page motion, attorney Rebecca Randles says the Diocese lied in a press statement to cover up the existence of sex crimes by its clergy. On October 11, the Catholic Diocese of Kansas City -St. Joseph issued a statement concerning a lawsuit alleging abuse by former priest Francis McGlynn.

In the statement the Diocese says it received the first complaint of sexual misconduct involving McGlynn in April 2002. However attorney Rebecca Randles say the church was aware McGlynn's touched children inappropriately back in the 1960's and she says she has a deposition to prove it.

"The deposition clearly states that Father McGlynn admitted he engaged in inappropriate touching of females in the 60"s and 70"s and that it was brought to the attention of the Diocese and the Diocese moved him as a result of that," Randles said.

A spokesperson for the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph says April of 2002 was the first time someone file a complaint with the church against McGlynn. Robert Bates settled his sexual abuse case with the church in 2008 and he says he would like to see the church and bishop finn do the right thing.

"You are a representation of God and people respect you and they look up to you and they trust you," said abuse victim Robert Bates. "You have a duty and an obligation to protect those children who attend your parishes."

The allegations against the church saddens Robert Gamez who says he loves the Catholic faith and believes Bishop Finn's spiritual depth is to deep for him to realize what's happening in the church.

"The unfortunate thing is he is so focused in my opinion as a Catholic on the hereafter and on our salvation that at times it can appear that he is not in touch with our earthly life," said Robert Gamez.

Attorney James Wyrsch who represents Francis McGlynn says he has no comment on this matter other than- Father McGlynn intends to vigorously defend himself in court.

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