Las Vegas dioceses have paid $2.5 million in abuse cases

Associated Press/February 13, 2004

Reno, NV -- Las Vegas dioceses have paid $2.5 million in abuse cases

The Catholic Church in Nevada has paid approximately two and one-half million dollars in costs connected with clergy sexual abuses cases filed since 1950.

The Diocese of Reno says that of the 521 priests who served in the state from 1950 to 1995, eight were accused of sexual abuse of a minor. Three of the priests were from the Reno diocese. The diocese of Reno-Las Vegas was divided into separate entities in 1995.

Since then there have been no allegations of sexual abuse of a minor lodged against any priest serving in the 12-county diocese of Reno. Its report was compiled for the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York.

A nationwide accounting of abuse claims and costs is expected to be reported later this month. The Reno diocese said the study included 13 victims. The information about the priests or their accusers was presented in an anonymous format.

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