Preacher On Trial For Alleged Sex Assault On Church Secretary

High-Profile Attorney, Prosecutor Try Case 28, 2004

Houston -- A trial began Wednesday for a preacher charged with the sexual assault of his church secretary, News2Houston reported.

Jim Tucker, with Abundant Life Church of North Houston, 713 East Airtex, is accused of abusing his church secretary. Her husband also worked at the church.

Both the defense and the prosecution have big names on the case.

Tucker's lawyer is high-profile attorney Dick DeGuerin. Kelly Siegler, known for her dramatic courtroom reenactments during the Susan Wright murder trial, is the prosecutor.

Siegler is trying to convince jurors that Tucker is a controlling, manipulative man who betrayed a couple in the church in the late 90s.

The accuser's husband testified Wednesday that he knew something was wrong with his wife. He testified, "She was emotionally unraveling. She would cry all the time. At one point, she started drinking. She withdrew from me."

The husband said he confronted Tucker, but the pastor convinced him not to tell the church elders. The alleged crime was reported a year and a half after it reportedly happened.

Several church parishioners showed up in court to support Tucker Wednesday.

There's no word yet on how long the trial is expected to last.

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