Documents detail suspicion of priest's abuse

Associated Press/June 5, 2005

Fort Worth, Texas -- Secret archives from the Fort Worth Catholic Diocese give insight into how a priest who admitted his attraction for boys was sent to work at rural parishes.

The documents also raise questions about the decisions made by Fort Worth Bishop Joseph P. Delaney.

In interviews, Delaney said he knew nothing about sexual abuse allegations against the Reverend Thomas Teczar before or during the priest's time in the area.

Yet notes from 1988 show that Delaney know about Teczar's attraction to teenage boys even before hiring him.

The bishop's notes from 1993 read "D-A and sheriff threatening prosecution ... accusing Tom of pedophilia???"

Still, Delaney says he didn't know Eastland County investigators were seeking information about Teczar.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram examined the confidential files this spring after Teczar was named in a sex abuse lawsuit.

The 64-year-old also faces sexual assault charges and is expected to go on trail in Eastland County next year.

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