Former Pastor Dr. Robert Gray In Court Again

First Coast News/August 15, 2006
By Kristin Smith

Jacksonville, Florida -- The former pastor accused of molesting children from his church was arraigned on new charges Tuesday.

More than 20 women and one man have come forward claiming Dr. Robert Gray molested them.

Gray says he's not guilty.

It's been decided that come time for Dr. Gray's trial, the man who now claims to have been victimized by Gray years ago in his Trinity Baptist office, will be with all the others who claim the same thing.

Denise Green says when she was a little girl, her pastor, Dr. Robert Gray, told her everything he did and said was from God, and she should never question it.

"You don't mess with God's man. That was what was taught at Trinity," said Denise, an alleged victim.

She says over time, she began to get angry, only she didn't really know why.

Until someone came forward with a similar story.

And Dr. Gray was arrested for molesting children like her.

Another woman who claims Gray molested her says the more that come forward, like the man who came forward as a victim recently, the stronger the case gets against Gray.

"A lot of people are under the impression that they're not needed. And they are needed," said Sandy, another woman who claims to have been victimized by Gray.

Denise says she plans to go to court every time Gray does.

This time, she noticed a change from the man she once knew, and the man she saw in court last time.

"He seemed fairly normal. Last time I was angered to see him, because he seemed more cocky last time. He seemed more demure and humble this time, if that's possible," said Denise.

And Denise says she's sure there are more victims than anyone, except for Dr. Gray, knows.

"I know there's people before me and after me," said Denise.

At the arraignment Tuesday morning, several people who claim Gray molested them were there.

And some say they saw at least one of Dr. Gray's children there as well.

His pre-trial hearing is set for September 15th, and his trial is set for November 27th.

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