Former Follower Speaks Out 29, 2005
By Holly Whisenhunt

His name is Juan Pablo Delgado, and he claims to see visions of the Virgin Mary. He has several Catholic followers from San Antonio, who disobeyed an order by the Archbishop to stay away from this cult leader. Now a former follower is speaking out hoping others will listen to her warnings. Trouble Shooter Brian Collister has the follow up to his investigation.

Over the past 2 years Trevino traveled between San Antonio and Costa Rica to be near Delgado. She even stayed at the Cost Rican sanctuary where Delgado claims he sees visions of the Virgin Mary.

"I was very...touched by the apparition," recalls Trevino.

Trevino now says she feels betrayed, "For a while he had made himself king, well, now he thinks he's god."

News 4 WOAI obtained pictures taken inside the compound showing Delgado acting and dresses like a priest. The photos show bloody wounds on his hands and feet, similar to those of the crucifixion of Jesus. His critics claim it's all an act. And Trevino, who has donated thousands of dollars of her own money to the cult leader, agrees.

"I accept that you can laugh and ridicule me and you can feel that I am the biggest idiot there is, because yes, unfortunately for the last 2 years I have been the biggest idiot," Trevino says.

Trevino also claims Delgado is manipulating followers just to get their money, and when he doesn't she warns that he can become violent.

When the Trouble Shooters showed up last year at the Costa Rican compound, cult members became violent with us, grabbing our camera and chasing us off their property. One follower even threatened us with a hammer.

Not only is Trevino speaking out she's suing Delgado for allegedly attacking her. Trevino told The Trouble Shooters that Delgado wanted money because the Virgin Mary told him that she had to pay for a sin. And she says when he showed up at her home, near the compound, to collect the cash things got out of hand.

"And he's yelling, open the door. And he said I'm not leaving until you give me that money and he's saying you thief you witch you this and that."

Trevino then claims Delgado starting smashing her windows with rocks while other followers stood by and did nothing. But her worries don't end there. Trevino tells the Trouble Shooters she now fears for her life after Delgado passed on another message to his followers that he claims came from the Virgin Mary.

Trevino says, "There was a message given where they have permission to kill me."

Looking back Trevino wishes she would have listened to others, and now she's offering this advice, "Don't waste your time over there, because it is a big hoax. It's a big scam. And if you've got dollars, you're the most beautiful person that he would like to see over there."

Delgado was scheduled to hold a press conference last Friday to respond to Trevino's claims.

But reporters in Costa Rica tell the Trouble Shooters he cancelled that meeting.

This isn't the first time the cult has been in the media spotlight. The doomsday cult made headlines when a former San Antonio priest, Father Alfred Prado, joined the group. Prado is accused of molesting young boys more than 30-years ago at St.Timothy's on the Westside.

The Trouble Shooters tracked him down in Costa Rica last year to ask him about the allegations.

"What about the charges in Texas" asked Brian Collister.

"They're all false, they're nonsense," said Father Prado.

Prado, who claims he was spiritually called to Costa Rica to be Delgado's advisor, still remains at the compound.

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