Civil Action Complaint filed against Patrick L. Ryan

The archived document is the Civil Action Complaint filed against Patrick L. Ryan in the First Judicial District of Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia Civil Trial Division.

The plaintiff in this lawsuit was a client of Patrick L. Ryan who was refused a refund of an unearned retainer.

The lawsuit ended in a judgement against Patrick L. Ryan.

The attached Civil Action Complaint and Summary explains in some detail the circumstances surrounding and leading to this lawsuit.

The plaintiff states that the lawsuit was filed only after other options of were exhausted and promises made by Ryan were broken. 

The plaintiff states that Ryan and his attorney wanted to "waste the time of all of the officers of this court as well as the time" of plaintiffs.

After Patrick L. Ryan filed an appeal of the judgement the plaintiff won against him his former client failed to appear in court and the case was dismissed.

Note: Plaintiffs names have been redacted.

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