Bishop Tamaki lords his month-long luxury trip on social media Fairfax Media, New Zealand/September 20, 2015

By Sam Boyer

First class seats, Greek resorts, a penthouse suite in a Miami hotel and gambling in Las Vegas – it's not the typical life of a church leader.

A photo of Destiny Church leader Brian Tamaki was uploaded to Facebook on Saturday night by an onlooker who saw him gambling.

"What does Brian Tamaki of Destiny's church do when waiting in Las Vegas airport? He plays the pokies!"

While leaders of other religions eschew the trappings of luxury, Destiny Church founder Bishop Brian Tamaki – whose congregants pay tithes to the church – and his wife Hannah have lorded their month-long holiday on social media.

Their trip included a luxury stay in Greece for two and a half weeks with the family, followed by Dubai and then on to Miami, Atlanta, Las Vegasand Los Angeles.

The couple posted a slew of bragging photos from desirable locations around the globe, boasting of having taken 14 flights – at least two of which, including their initial long-haul flight out of New Zealand, were business class. On another Emirates flight, they were upgraded to first class.

Posting a photo in front of a pool above Santorini in Greece, on a hill overlooking the Greek Islands in the distance, Tamaki write on August 29: "Love to all our Church Famz...this is our view for nxt 5 days...37dg Sunday am..Qik dip..brekky..thn Church in pool."

Two days later, on a beach in front of crystal clear water and cloudless sky, with his wife resting her chin on his shoulder prior to an island-hopping trip on a ship, he posted a picture directed at his "haters".

"Wat!!! 2 more weeks to suffer in Paradise...oooo nooo (for all ma haters)."

The couple were in Greece with family members, including son Samuel who is also a Destiny pastor, and his wife Kiri. Also tagged in Facebook photos were Destiny church worker Eden O'Connor and the Tamaki's eldest daughter Jasmine McPhee, author of Facebook Page "How to feed a family of 6 for less than $20". The family travelled to Santorini to celebrate Kiri's birthday and for Father's Day as well as spending time in Parga and Athens.

It appears from the pair's social media accounts they then travelled via Dubai to Florida in the US, where Tamaki spoke to American congregations and was hosted by another church called NewBirth in Atlanta, Georgia.

On the flight over they were upgraded to first class, Hannah Tamaki posted on her Facebook page.

"15 hrs in the air.. Yup the longest flight ever. Getting an up grade to first Class on Emirates was the best.. PJ's slippers..watched 4 movies.. Nice snacks on request was more tired than hungry. Compfy sleep."

While in Florida the Tamakis stayed in a "penthouse suite" at the Diplomat Resort & Spa, part of the Hilton hotel chain.

On their way home they stopped in Las Vegas where they flew over the Hoover Dam before a quick stopover in Los Angeles yesterday.

"Last stop over LA. Here for 5hrs then the last of 14 flights. NZ. home sweet home. Church 2moro see you there," Hannah Tamaki tweeted.

A spokesperson for Destiny Church said he had no details of the private trip. The couple are expected to arrive in Auckland Sunday morning before attending a Destiny Church service.

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