Brian Tamaki's latest offering: 'greedy' and 'revolting'

New Zealand Herald/March 23, 2016

A tweet by controversial church leader Brian Tamaki has again caused a stir on social media.

Destiny Church leader Bishop Brian Tamaki tweeted yesterday, "Jesus spoke to a tree/fish/wind/water nd other things ... i spoke to a $100 bill early in my life nd said 'you nd all your whanau come to me'."

Twitter users have voiced their anger at his tweet, some calling him "greedy" and "revolting" .

McQuillionaire posted: "@BishopTamaki you are quite probably the most revolting human in NZ. #charlatan #predator #destinychurch."

Christian Mair said: "My 50 cent coin said to drive out that greedy self-anointed bishop out of the temple." And Duncan Stuart tweeted: "and lo! The dollar bill brought its whanau to Brian Tamaki. Greed. Lust. That bill was the root of all evil."

This isn't the first time Mr Tamaki has tweeted about money.

Last May, Destiny Church circulated images of wads of cash and the Twitter hashtag "#iwannagive" to followers before its annual conference.

In the same month, he again tweeted along with a photograph of $100 bills saying, "The Bible speaks of a Blessing (includes $$$ too) that 'Overtakes You'... time for you to be overtaken!!"

In 2014, the church received widespread criticism after Tamaki asked followers to "shower the stage" in money during a Sunday morning service.

Thousands of $100 and $50 bills were strewn across the Destiny Church in Auckland which was photographed and posted on Twitter by Mr Tamaki.

He captioned it: "A Sweet-Smelling Fragrance that is Acceptable to God (Phil 4:15-19). My God shall Supply all your need," drew widespread criticism on social media.

According to ex-congregation members, families were pressured to give "love offerings" and other cash donations above the expected amount.

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