He says that he is Jesus Christ and his wife Maria Magdalena: together they created a sect with thousands of faithful

Market Research Telecast/August 2, 2021

A man claims he is his own Jesus Christ and that his partner is Mary Magdalene. In 2013 they founded a religious movement in the state of Queensland, Australia that already has more than 25,000 followers. Per year they collect $ 500,000.

The protagonists of the sect are Alan John Miller, 52, and Mary Luck, 37. They both created the movement. Divine Truth, for which Miller gives courses and travels around the world showing how (according to him) you can have a personal relationship with God (that is, with himself), based on the control of emotions.

Miller o AJ as he prefers to be known, he was dedicated to Information Technology until he decided to found and head his own religious movement near the small town of Kingaroy in northeastern Australia, where dozens of his devotees bought land to be close to their leader, who has a audience of two thousand people in each of its meetings. The power they add daily is so much that this generates concern in the Australian authorities.

Miller claims to remember everything that happened more than 2000 years ago: “I have very clear memories of the crucifixion, but it was not as distressing for me as it was for others, like Maria, who was present,” he said in a report to the British news channel Sky News.

Likewise, regarding his crucifixion he assured: “When you are god You are not in a state of fear, and you have good control over the sensations of your body and the level of pain that you can absorb ”.

Another of the hilarious statements of this Australian is that “after his crucifixion” met Plato, Socrates, and various popes and presidents.

He also related that he remembers the miracles he performed: “I resurrected quite a number of people, including my friend Lazaro, which is mentioned in the Bible ”.

Despite his statements that might sound crazy, Alan John he does not stop profiting from the messages he emits, to the faithful of his community that is getting bigger and bigger.

An example is that of George Hamel, who left his company and his wife in California to be closer to Miller and his teachings. Or the case of the English neuroscientist Louise Luli Faver (39) who gave up his career to be close to him.

A sect of “zoombies”

For his part, Reverend David Millikan knows AJ Miller very well, whom he described as a “dangerous man” because his followers abandon their families, give up their social life, spend all their money just to follow him and “they become zoombies ”.

He also expressed his opinion about Miller’s partner, and maintained that the woman’s family has struggled for years to return her home. They report that Miller stole them, but she turns a deaf ear. “Nor does he care that Miller’s first wife left him in 1997 saying about her husband he was a dangerous madman ”, the man said.

In addition, Millikan said that “when a detractor asks him to perform a miracle, he responds that it is not necessary, because he is Jesus and everyone knows it ”. And he denounced that Miller comments with total lightness: “Do not believe so much in those things. For example, they say about me in the Bible that I separated the water from the wine. And it’s a lie, I didn’t”.

He also accused that the man makes dangerous predictions such as that “a tsunami 100 meters high it will hit Australia and a new continent will rise alongside Hawaii. ” “He also maintains that devastating earthquakes will occur, that some countries will completely disappear while other countries will totally change,” he added.

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