Soap star's ex linked to controversial sect

Ninesman, Australia/May 18, 2011

The ex-husband of Neighbour's star Kym Valentine has been linked to a controversial religious group led by an Australian man who believes he is Jesus Christ.

Valentine's ex-husband Fabio Tolli is a close follower of Alan John Miller, the former IT worker from South Australia who believes he is Jesus Christ reincarnated, the Nine Network's A Current Affair reports.

Valentine - who is expected to return to her role as Libby Kennedy this year - and Tolli separated in 2007 after five years of marriage.

The pair has an eight-year-old daughter, Millana Valentine Tolli.

Valentine has not spoken publicly about why she split up with her ex-husband, a singer-songwriter.

The religious movement Tolli follows is called the Divine Truth movement, started by self-styled preacher Miller.

Miller is based at his home near Kingaroy, west of Queensland's Sunshine Coast, but travels Australia preaching to his followers, who know him as AJ Miller.

Miller, who also claims his partner Mary Suzanne Luck, is Mary Magdalene of the Bible, says he remembers everything from his life as Jesus Christ 2000 years ago.

"The problem with memories is usually you have the most traumatic ones first," Miller said.

"And so a lot of the memories I had were of the crucifixion."

Miller also claims to have spoken to famous historical figures and people mentioned in the Bible, including Moses, Abraham, Issac and Jacob.

"I've talked to people like Socrates and Plato and other people like that from older historical times," he said.

The sect has established groups in Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia, Tasmania and also has followers in the UK, Greece and Sweden, where a global summit is planned later this year.

Valentine met Tolli through his aunt Vanda Tolli, who is the mother of former neighbour's child star Jiordan Anna Tolli, who played Lolly Carpenter.

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