Miracles group stays put

The Byron Shire Echo--Byron Bay, Australia, April 11, 2000

The controversial Miracles group, more correctly known as the New Christian Church of Full Endeavor [sic], is staying put at the Epicentre, Belongil, despite notice from the owner to quit the premises. A security guard and dog have been seen patrolling the grounds in the evenings.

Solicitors for Aranga Pty Limited, the company which owns the Epicentre, served notice on Monday April 3 on the Church, terminating a management agreement. The Church was required to vacate the Epicentre by last Wednesday.

Aranga’s solicitors advised the Church that its client was alarmed by press reports and letters about the group’s activities. The solicitors said information had been received from numerous people that the Church’s operations ‘were being conducted in an oppressive and dictatorial manner so far as members of its congregation were concerned’.

Local Aranga director, Campbell McKellar, declined to comment.

The Church through its Brisbane lawyers has threatened to sue The Echo over statements in the paper which describe the group as a cult, an institution that relies on compliance and fear, and a fraudulent academy.

The Church also takes issue with comments which portray its local leader, Theodore H [Hector] Poppe II, in an unfavourable light.

At the time of going to press calls to the Church’s directors and its Epicentre management office were not returned.

The Church is also involved in a legal wrangle in the United States over the use of the A Course In Miracles texts.

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