Some general myths about the Endeavor Academy

Holy Smoke, Newsletter August 2000

There have been no suicides by Endeavor Academy (EA) members in Australia 

This is incorrect. There have been two in the last three years. Their names are Jeanette Horner and Uli. Jeanette drowned herself at Watego's Beach after being convinced that 'the world was not real, and death didn't matter'. (Personal testimony by a friend who met her the day before she died. Uli jumped off The Gap, after more extensive exposure to EA.)

There have been no suicide attempts by EA members

There have been two in the last three years.

There have been no psychiatric admissions of EA members

There have been several in recent years - beginning with one of the very first bunch in Toowoomba, and culminating with at least one person (maybe more) who currently resides at the Richmond Psychiatric Clinic.

Hector Poppe has no organizational control over EA

Again, quite incorrect. Holy Smoke has a pile of statutory declarations which demonstrate that Hector controls or at least okays everything that happens organizationally-- including illegal building, expulsion of members, use of large funds, and much more.

Now, regarding the defamation campaign, which seems to be ongoing against Ian Hamilton. It is important to note the misinformation that is being spread by EA--we wish to set the record straight with Ian's permission. These stories basically boil down to the following allegations:

Ian left his first wife, which caused her breakdown

·         Actually she left him, and her breakdown was directly caused by her involvement in EA 'Sessions'.

Ian's first wife experienced years of psychiatric problems and there was a suicide attempt before she even heard of EA

·         This is also not true. Her problems actually first arose after prolonged exposure to EA.

Ian beats his second wife

·         Groan. He doesn't

We mention such EA myths because they continue to crop up, from the mouths of EA directors and of course Hector Poppe himself. The allegations against Ian Hamilton, for example, were repeated on talk.religion.course-miracles during July of this year.

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