Byron miracles not connected

Byron Echo--Byron Bay, Australia, April 11, 2000
By James Ward

Letters to the Editor

Having studied A Course In Miracles for many years I too attended several meetings of the Byron Miracles group. The ack ack preaching of Dear One and the lightly leaping lunacy and orgasmic eroticism of those 'in the Spirit' did not impress me.

What I saw was a far cry from the dignity and power of the material I had read in A Course In Miracles. To say the least, on both visits I left more quickly than I arrived.

Researching this led me to this discovery. The group in Byron Bay is part of an independent group and not associated with the Foundation For Inner Peace that publishes A Course In Miracles.

This latter organization has in fact launched litigation to attempt to stop the 'charismatic' independent group from masquerading as the true Course organization.

History shows that some human beings are drawn to cults like moths to a light. The problem comes when they believe this is The Light.

Even in Byron Bay human beings haven't changed. It would take a miracle for that to happen.

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