There is a limit

Byron Bay Echo, Australia, March 2000
By Sona Evans and Mirabai McKellar (both age 15)

Last year we traveled together to stay with our fathers at the Miracles academy in Wisconsin USA. We would like to give our opinion on this matter.

The original readings or lessons of the course are logical and genuine. But at the academy they are twisted and used in selfish ways, for manipulation or gaining self gratification. They use it as an escape from reality and responsibility.

We personally have no set beliefs yet and are open-minded. People should and can believe what they want. But when it's hurting not only themselves, but their children and family, we think there is a limit.

They say they have no leader or master. Yet there is a man in the USA who they call "Dear One" or "Master Teacher."

If you have read previous letters then you know it affects mentally unstable people in a bad way. There is not only verbal abuse but physical abuse has taken place during their sessions.

Everyone is a good person, some have just been misled. Everyone has problems whether it be emotional or physical and everyone has different ways of dealing with, hiding or running from their problems.

It only took one person to deny their life. The rest just followed.

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