Endeavor Academy Visitor Comments

"I am a recovering alcoholic who met Charlie Anderson (a few of us dared to call him Charlie) over 25 years ago. I chose him as a sponsor because of the interesting slant he put on everything, which certainly would appeal to any addict. Our relationship lasted several years, until I noticed the pervasive effect a relationship with him was having on my own thinking. Charlie was, and apparently still is, a spellbinder. He recommended books like 'The Cloud of Unknowing' and those by Emmett Fox to other members of our group. I noticed that God as defined and referenced by Charlie was 1) always approached by the leadership of someone more advanced, 2) was always described in vague and intangible, almost un-understandable terms. He always had a following in those days, but with a few long-lasting exceptions, most, myself included, followed for a little while before deciding that Charlie had feet of clay and that his theology was a lot of crap. However, he was a master at turning a phrase, and was easily able to make us think in terms 'above' our present existence. I remember one of his first attempts to go professional when he leased a booth at the DuPage County Fair. It was not very successful, which Charlie explained by saying, 'Did you notice how most people walk around like they're asleep? Well, they are asleep, but a few of us are awake, and even if we pretend to sleep, we have to admit eventually that we are awake.' Reading some of the comments and stories about Endeavor Academy, I saw that Charlie hasn't changed all that much, apparently. He's just gotten more skilled and perhaps found a better hook to hang his flimsy theories on.To be honest, I really think he believes what he says. But as Paul Tourrnier said in one of his books, sincerity 'is not a virtue, because a robber sincerely steals and murderers sincerely kill.'"

"This group has been extremely active. They have been infiltrating ACIM classes at Unity churches. Some of these classes are actually being taught by teachers from EA. EA teachers would go to the Unity/ACIM classes and try to get people to sell their homes, donate all their money to EA and move to the Wisconsin Dells. The number of front groups for EA has grown exponentially. There are many web sites and rings on the Internet that are affiliated with EA, but they keep their identity hidden. One of the most deceptive things is their sites linking ACIM with the 12 Steps, with no mention that this is all based on the writings of 'Master Teacher.'"

"The 'Master Teacher' didn't have a program, he was the program. He has total control over his students. They believe that he is the authority about everything, knows everything and has the 'Truth.' That's what I saw during the time I was there. Students at the Endeavor Academy left homes and families, to spend years with this man and made huge donations. And anyone who opposed 'Master Teacher' might experience his anger, rage and physical assaults. He might hit you, shove you, pull your hair, or throw you to the ground, while shouting derogatory and critical remarks in front of other students. I found him to be simply insane. Physical violence and rage cannot occur without deep unconscious, hidden guilt and insecurity. He kept everyone anxious, unsure and in need of him. He made us feel guilty for being human or for holding jobs. Leaving meant failure and we were told that if we left we would die. All this makes it a sick program. 'Master Teacher' doesn't teach the Course. Instead, he teaches his own program, his own way, which is very negative."

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