Meade Ministries and money

Lake City Reporter/November 24, 1988

"I agree with (Milton J. Heser's Nov. 11 and Ann Sutton's Nov. 18 letters to the editor), but there is a way to fight back. The End Timers, or Meade Ministries, have many businesses in Lake City. When you're buying furniture, hair styling, pizza, roofing, repair—or buy a car, hire landscapers, put siding on your house, sell your house, sewing, electronics equipment, car phones, house cleaning and dental work, irrigation—ask questions. Are you a member of Meade Ministries? If the answer is yes refuse to hire them. Your money goes back into Meade Ministries, not back into your community. End Timers working in our community take their checks to Meade Ministries". Evelyn Little, Columbia County

Editor's note: Members of Meade Ministries also sworn to support their families. And we're sure members of other faiths contribute a percentage of their money.

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