To parents and grandparents

Lake City Reporter/November 17, 1988

"This is in reference to the grandparents who are not allowed to see their grandchildren. In case they're not aware, there is something called grand parents' rights. It's a law that allows them to see their grandchildren. I wouldn't move out of state or anywhere else because I am not allowed to see them. I would simply take it to another step because it does work. I've experienced it. I encourage them to go for it".

Editor's note: The Florida Supreme Court narrowed the scope of that law Thursday, concluding that the law unconstitutionally violated the fundamental privacy right of a parent to raise children without undue governmental interference. That means grandparents have few legal rights to spend time with their grandchildren.

"After reading the article in the newspaper the other day regarding the End-Timers, I wonder if Lake City residents are aware of the fact there have been three one-hour documentaries in South Florida in the last four months regarding the End-Timers and they have been labeled a cult by the FBI. My daughter-in-law has called me each time and after reading what those people wrote about not being able to see their grandchildren, I think somebody in this town better investigate very carefully what's going on there and stop closing their eyes". Editor's note: See above. And even if we don't like it, we must respect other people's religious freedom.

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