Family members: Meade has agenda

Letter to the Editor, Lake City Reporter/September 2, 1988

After reading "Of biblical proportions" in the July 31 Lake. City Reporter, we feel the need to share some comments. Charlie Sparks made the comment; "There really is no hidden agenda at all".

We attended End Time meetings, now known as Meade Ministries, when they were in Sioux Falls and we feel there definitely is a hidden agenda, which is to try and lure you into their group. Once you have belonged to this group and you leave or refuse to move to Florida because the leader does, you are shunned, told you will spend eternity in hell and are not allowed any contact with family and friends who are still in the group. We and others who have left have experienced their shunning when we questioned the leader's teachings.

It has been 10 years since our daughters, sons-in-laws and grandchildren moved to Florida and we have had no contact with them, although we have tried. We have four grandchildren we have never seen. They will not send us pictures nor let us talk to our daughters or grandchildren on the phone. Letters are never answered.

As you may have noticed, their ad for 10 nights of revival showed the speakers, all of who are members of their own group. There were no outside guest speakers. If you go, ask questions, such as: Why did you all follow Meade to Florida? Do the members of your group get to vote for the elders or are they appointed by the Meades? How many missionaries does your group support and where are they located? Why no outside guest speakers?

As we have said in previous years, we love our families, they are welcome home anytime. We do not blame them for their treatment of us; however, we do blame the teaching of Charles and Marlene Meade, whom we feel, definitely are not Christian.

Just because they claim they are a full-gospel, Pentecostal-type meeting does not mean they really are.

We definitely do believe they have a hidden agenda. Because of our past and present experience with this group, our advice is, "Beware of wolves in sheep's clothing."

We will willingly share our past and present experiences with anyone who cares to question us.

God is good and faithful and we stand on his promise in Jeremiah 31:16-17. We will let you look it up.

Roger and Fonda Peterson
Sioux Falls, South Dakota

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