Residents can't see grandkids

Letter to the Editor, Lake City Reporter/November 11, 1988

My wife and I moved to Lake City over a year ago to be near our son and four grandchildren. We have had many pool parties and they came over to dinner nearly every Saturday night. In that time, we never talked religion to the children or to the parents.

On Sept. 5, Meade Ministries talked to our daughter-in-law and asked why we did not join their group. We have no idea of what else was said. Then our son came over on a Sunday morning and said if we didn't join their organization, we could no longer see them or the grandchildren.

It was stated that we could not do them or the grandchildren any good. This was after we had guaranteed a loan of $9,000 to buy a van for them. Then we paid $1,400 to repair the transmission and $350 to replace the fan assembly.

On October 15, I called our son to see if we could take the grandchildren to dinner for the last time because we were going to move back to Billings, Montana. My wife stated that she could not live 3 miles from the grandchildren and not see them. Our son stated that it would not be good for the children to go out with us and we could not take them out.

From what I could gather, there are many grandparents who do not even know where their children or grandchildren are. This is supposed to be a religious group. I wonder whatever happened to honor thy father and mother?

Milton J. Heser
Lake City

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