Members trying to reach family

Lake City Reporter, March 3, 2000

We would like to thank June Van Liere for sharing her sad and heartbreaking experience in her letter to the editor dated Feb. 11. Our hearts go out to June and her family.

We also have family in Meade Ministries and have been wondering if all of our loved ones are alive and well, or has one of them died and we know nothing about it? How are we to know, if they will not inform anyone outside of their group of a death?

We have not seen, heard from or talked to our family in Meade Ministries for 12 years, although we have tried many times to contact them.

If they want to worship at Meade Ministries, that is their choice. We just ask, what harm is there in talking to us or sending us pictures so we can see how our grandchildren have grown over the past 12 years?

To our family: We do love you and you are always welcome home, anytime! Our prayer is that God will free all of you from the bondage and fear you are living in so you will be able to worship the one true God.

Roger and Vonda Peterson
Mesa, Ariz.

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