Family: Leader of Lake City Meade Ministries, Endtimers Has Died

First Coast News, Florida/April 13, 2010

Lake City, Florida - Charles Meade, the leader of what some call a cult in Lake City, has died.

Meade's son-in-law Charles Sparks confirmed to First Coast News Monday afternoon that his father-in-law passed away. When asked about when Meade died and how old he was, Sparks said he did not have the details.

Meade and 100 of his followers left the Midwest and moved to Lake City in 1984.

Meade's group, known as the Endtimers, has grown over the years. Its sprawling sanctuary seats more than 2,000.

The Endtimers are known for being elusive. They live near one another and most drive Cadillacs, the vehicle Meade drove.

Meade was known for his message to avoid medical attention because there was no need for his followers to be sick. He also preached that the Endtimers would be the only ones to survive God's wrath in the end times, prophesied in the Bible.

Joni Cutler, who was once part of the Endtimers which she she calls a cult, said she had not heard about Meade's death and wondered what will happen to the ministry now that Meade is gone.

Cutler, now a South Dakota lawmaker, left the group years ago after her daughter died of pneumonia when she was 4 days old. Cutler said she was not allowed to take her daughter to the doctor.

According to public records, Meade was 93.

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