End Time Ministries Visitor Comments

"My brother followed Meade to Florida from Sioux Falls. He made it clear that if I didn't believe in Meade's teachings he would have nothing to do with me. But Meade is about Meade, not Christ and certainly not the Word of God. After years of virtually no contact my brother started calling our Mom. This filled our hearts with hope, but he only wanted money. I loaned him money, mostly for Mom's sake. I hoped the loan would keep the line of communication open and that maybe Mom would even get to see the grandchildren. He then convinced Mom to loan him $25,000.00. She mortgaged her home to do this. His checks came late for the payments and many of them bounced. Then nothing came at all. Phone calls to my brother have not been returned. We are once again out of his life. My Mother cannot handle the mortgage payments, so she was served with foreclosure papers. Her heart is broken."

"I was once a member of 'End Time Ministries' when the group was in South Dakota. What drove me out of this group, was hearing 'Brother Meade' telling people during an altar call, to come forward and ask HIS forgiveness for their sins. That did it for me. A close friend of mine in the group had deaf parents. Brother Meade told her it was a sin to communicate with them in sign language and that God would heal them if they would only believe. She somehow supported their sin if she signed. I also recall being told that folks who are black are filled with hate from their ancestors being slaves and that few would make it into 'The Kingdom.' We were therefore discouraged regarding our 'testimony' to anyone of color. And married couples were not allowed lovemaking, other than for the purpose of procreating."

"My Dad was a member of Mead's 'End Times' group for over ten years. When he died I was not contacted. They had him buried in a Lake City cemetery I guess."

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