Police seize computer of local blogger

The Daily Gazette, New York/October 24, 2013

By David Lombardo

State police on Wednesday seized the computer of a prolific and controversial citizen blogger in Saratoga Springs.

Milton resident John Tighe, author of Saratoga in Decline, confirmed that the seizure was connected with the group NXIVM, which he has written about in the past. He said he has hired Lee Kindlon as his attorney and declined additional comment.

Saratoga County District Attorney James A. Murphy III said his office was not involved in the seizure by state police and referred all questions to them.

The Troop G spokesman confirmed that this seizure was one of three sites across the state where computers were seized.

In Tighe's most recent blog post, which came on Wednesday, he wrote that his blog will be closed until further notice.

His blog is a regular visit for people staying up on gossip and breaking news in Saratoga Springs and the surrounding towns. Recently he has become an outspoken advocate for Darryl Mount Jr. and highly critical of Public Safety Commissioner Chris Mathiesen, who Tighe calls "Toothy," because he is a dentist.

Tighe, 57, was the focus of a piece the Gazette did on local bloggers. In that piece, it was noted that the blog has drawn praise and criticism. Critics consider him a pariah spewing a vitriolic and not-always-accurate account of news unfolding in the Saratoga area; others view him as a valuable news source who picks up the slack of the professional media.

“I’ve made a lot of enemies,” Tighe said last year, “but I’ve also made a lot of friends.”

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