Alleged sex cult recruiter Allison Mack the 'Tom Cruise of Nxivm'

Toronto Sun/May 21, 2018

By Brad Hunter

Accused sex cult recruiter Allison Mack was the quintessential cookie-cutter California girl with big dreams.

Green-eyed, cute and perky, the 36-year-old found sudden fame playing Clark Kent’s beloved pal Chloe Sullivan in the long-running ‘Smallville’ series.

Today, she faces an October trial that could see her land in the slammer for 15 years for sex trafficking.

Mack’s rise and fall began in Vancouver, where Smallville was filmed. That’s where she became ensnared in the bizarre sex cult Nxivm.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Mack’s cult odyssey began with a two-day conference in Vancouver in 2006 to learn about one of the cult’s latest schemes called Jness.

Billed as a “women’s movement,” the speaker was svengali Keith Raniere’s then top lieutenant, Nancy Salzman.

Mack swallowed the pitch hook, line and sinker.

“She (Salzman) talked about how women have been raised to be monogamous and how men’s general nature is to be more polygamous, to spread their seed,” former cult member Susan Dones told the Reporter.

“I found it really archaic.”

Hollywood has long been ground zero for flaky ideas and the golden chalice for these chancers has been the recruitment of celebrities to burnish their brands.

It has been a tried and true strategy for the controversial Church of Scientology.

“They wanted people who were attractive and compelling, that’s why they went after Allison Mack,” cult expert Rick Ross told the Reporter.

“She was the Tom Cruise of Nxivm.”

By the end of that first conference, Mack was whisked onto a private plane owned by the billion-heiress Bronfman sisters — devout followers — en route to headquarters in upstate New York.

Mack was going to meet The Vanguard, real name Keith Raniere, a chubby 57-year-old New Yorker with a penchant for skinny young women. The actress was indeed a prize.

“The group’s leaders were studying Scientology and saying they wanted to be more like them — more the cool kids,” one former member told the trade bible.

Raniere is a real prince. He has a history of sexual assault and abuse stretching back to the early 1980s, including sex with a 12-year-old girl and a 15-year-old.

The new age mantras appealed to Mack beginning a 12-year  rocket-ride to becoming Raniere’s top sex recruiter and right hand.

Mack had been introduced to the group by her Smallville co-star Kristin Kreuk. Also filming in Vancouver at the time was Battlestar Galactica, from which Mack recruited Grace Park and Nicki Clyne. 

Life for the women chosen to serve Raniere was not easy.

The cult king wanted them young, skinny and with a diet of no more than 900 calories a day. One said if their Master had difficulty getting an erection, he blamed it on their weight. He liked lots of pubic hair and hated Oprah Winfrey because she was overweight.

“I don’t think she was thinking she was actually trafficking girls,” a former roommate told the Reporter of Mack. “But I think she had drank enough Kool-Aid to really believe that these girls were going to save the world with (Raniere’s) super sperm.”

Inside the cult, there was another more secretive sex cabal called DOS. Chosen women were branded with Mack and Raniere’s initials and forced into a lurid world of demeaning, on-demand sex.

Mack reportedly ruled the 50 slaves like a fanatic, holding onto sexually compromising materials to keep the women from escaping.

She also became one of Raniere’s lovers and an insider said you could tell because the blond beauty looked “grey” and “unhealthy.”

“There were other women who were pretty, but she was the one who was so poised, so good on camera. She was somebody who could really sell it,” another insider said of Mack’s role.

Among her failed targets were singer Kelly Clarkson and Harry Potter star Emma Watson.

“She never had … the ability to be an excellent body servant or valet,” says former employee Frank Parlato. “But she had the ability to bring women to Raniere’s bed. She procured some startling beauties.”

And Mack allegedly became a monster.

“These slaves (who left) said Mack was incredibly intimidating, cruel and punitive,” one former member said, adding she threatened anyone who wouldn’t sleep with Raniere. “She berated them and told them they were worth nothing, that they were weak and couldn’t uphold their word.”

If they refused?

“They were told they would be destroyed,” the former member said.

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