In their words: Reaction to NXIVM founder Raniere's conviction on all counts

Albany Times-Union/June 19, 2019

By Rob Gavin

Here's what several witnesses, observers and principals in the Keith Raniere trial and guilty verdict had to say Wednesday.

A jubilant Barbara Bouchey, a NXIVM defector, in the hallway outside the courtroom following verdict:

"Oh my God! Oh my God! That's amazing"

Bouchey, speaking about Raniere to one of his lawyers, Marc Agnifilo:

"There is goodness in him. But there's this dark side that's crazy."

Agnifilo to Bouchey, moments after the verdict in the hallway.

"Congratulations. I hope it helps. I really do."

Agnifilo, talking to reporters about Raniere outside the court:

"We knew it was a tough case, I know that it's been a very emotional case. I think he's not surprised ...

"I think (he's) sorry for the damage that he caused."

Former Raniere girlfriend and longtime lawsuit victim Toni Natalie, of the striped "jail" shirt she wore during the trial:

"I wore this so (Raniere) would know what he would be looking at for the rest of his life."

Catherine Oxenberg speaking about her daughter, India, who was had joined NXIVM and was branded:

"She was like all the other young women who suffered at the hands of this monster, Keith Raniere. No one is unscathed. But she's not broken. She'll be the stronger for it ... Today I'd say was the end of a hellish nightmare."

Former NXIVM member Susan Dones:

"I think he's incapable of having goodness."

Former NXIVM senior proctor and star witness for federal prosecutors in Brooklyn, Mark Vicente, as he stood beside his wife, Bonnie Piesse:

"It's sort of surreal."

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