Code Name 'K-Dog:' Sex Cult Leader Keith Raniere Busted By Prison Officials For Sending Secret Messages To Followers

Radar/May 2, 2023

By Douglas Montero

Cult leader Keith Raniere was caught violating federal prison rules for recruiting another inmate to send messages to his followers using his secret code name “K-Dog,” can exclusively reveal.

The disciplinary report was unearthed in a court document filed by Attorney General Merrick Garland and the U.S. Bureau of Prison asking an Arizona federal court judge to toss out Raniere’s lawsuit alleging the penitentiary is allegedly violating his civil rights.

The disciplinary report was included as evidence to show the cult leader has filed an avalanche of 20 complaints or appeals with the BOP — including the claim he was falsely accused of violating prison rules by recruiting the inmate to serve as his messenger boy, documents show.

The BOP’s Discipline Hearing Officer Report stated Raniere was found guilty of abusing his telephone and email privileges by having prison pal Timothy Brooks communicate with fellow NXIVM members — actress Nicki Clyne and jailed heiress to the Seagram liquor empire Clare Bronfman.

Brooks allegedly sent an email to the Battlestar Galactica star – appropriately named ‘moonwalk4me’@...—where he stated: “If there is a need to have contact with Raniere that they can do it through the email,” the 2021 disciplinary report states.

“In the email, it also describes a nickname for Raniere of ‘K-Dog’ to be discreet in their communications,” the report stated citing a BOP Counter Terrorism intelligence report that had identified Clyne as one of Raniere’s followers that had communicated with other inmates at Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) where the creep was housed while awaiting trial.

“Nicki Clyne was under several inmates (email) accounts under false pretenses while inmate Raniere was housed at MDC Brooklyn,” the report states. “Nicki Clyne at this time is an un-indicted co-conspirator of Raniere’s “Inner Circle” or “First line masters” of the NXIVM cult.”

The report also stated Raniere admitted to using Clyne to pass messages along to Brofman, who at the time was locked up in Federal Detention Center Philadelphia serving nearly seven years after pleading guilty to conspiracy to conceal and harbor people who were not in the US legally for financial gain.

Despite a semi-confession to investigators, the shifty Raniere, who is serving 120 years for sex trafficking, child pornography, and wire fraud, later denied the charges claiming: “This does not violate policy. I didn’t pass any messages. I didn’t admit to anything to SIS (the BOP’s Special Investigative Supervisor).”

However, despite the denials, investigators had access to the incriminating emails where Brooks tells the Raniere’s followers: “Anytime you need to get work to Keith, you can contact me. Just be discrete and maybe we call can call him K-Dog, that keeps everything out of the man’s (prison guards) face and me kosher.”

The BOP hearing officer slammed Raniere for playing fast-n-loose with prison rules especially since he had already been warned about recruiting inmates to pass along messages. “This showed a lack of credibility to the DHO,” the report stated.

The hearing officer punished Raniere by stripping him of his telephone and email privileges for 45 days, on November 17, 2021, the report revealed. Raniere’s appeal was rejected in April 2022 because it lacked “merit.”

As previously reported, Raniere, 62, has been kicking up a storm of complaints while sitting behind bars following his 2019 conviction – including the civil rights lawsuit he filed in May 2022 claiming he was being denied access to his legal team.

Raniere complained he feared facing the same deadly fate as pervert Jeffrey Epstein and Boston mob boss Whitey Bulger if prison officials transferred him to Indiana’s notoriously strict Communications Management Unit (CMU) — dubbed the ‘Guantanamo North.’

“I am in imminent danger I am being silenced,” he said about CMU, which is known to house notorious killers and terrorists.

The government’s lawyers filed the motion for a summary judgment after Arizona’s U.S. District Court Judge Raner C. Collins denied a request by Raniere for a preliminary injunction to prevent BOP from shipping him off the CMU.

Raniere’s cult ran for years before victims started speaking out about Raniere’s abuse. They accused him of forcing them to have sex with him. Other women revealed they were branded with his initials during their time in the cult.

As part of his conviction, he was ordered to pay 21 victims $3.5 million in restitution — but has declared his innocence.

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