'Cult' funded by Bronfman girls sues Continental for losing laptop

The New York Post/October 11, 2010

NXIVM, the upstate "behavior-modification" group bankrolled by Clare and Sarah Bronfman's Seagram booze fortune, has filed a bizarre $800,000 lawsuit against Continental Airlines. The suit, filed in Saratoga Supreme Court, claims that in 2003 the airline lost a laptop owned by NXIVM second-in-command Nancy Salzman - and that it took her 317 hours, at $2,500 per, to "re-create" the top-secret documents it contained. Salzman wants Continental to fork over $792,500. She also claims that the airline "still possesses the computer and confidential material" and that it ignored two prior requests to hand it over. The suit doesn't say why NXIVM waited seven years to sue. NXIVM - which has been derided as "a cult" by the Seagram heiresses' dad, Edgar Bronfman Sr., and several former members - allegedly lost $100 million of Clare and Sarah's money on investments it managed.

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