NXIVM's Senate ties

The Albany Times-Union/June 15, 2009

The odd bedfellows that joined to overturn the Senate have some links to the intriguing Nxvim. The Capital Region company runs some executive success programs that employ questionable tactics to break down clients, according to some people formerly associated with the group, which has made a one watchdog's list of suspected cults.

Senate lawyer Jack Casey, the longtime Rensselaer County Republican Chairman, has represented NXIVM and was a student of one of their courses.

Steve Pigeon, Tom Golisano's political advisor and director of Golisano's Responsible New York PAC, represented the Bronfman sisters, Sara and Clare, who are major benefactors of Nxivm and devotees of its programs.

Pigeon, the former Erie County Democratic Party chairman, helped topple the Democratic control of the Senate. When it happened, Casey took charge as Senate parliamentarian.

Pigeon said that as a lawyer he did some real estate legal work for the Bronfmans but has nothing to do with Nxivm. He said he did not even know Casey.

The Bronfmans provided their jet and donated thousands of dollars to the Senate Republicans.

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