NXIVM, formerly known as Executive Success Programs (ESP) Visitor Comments

"My sister has been with this 'organization' for almost 2 years and after reading the visitor comments, the descriptions fit her exactly."

"People do not see what's going on behind the scenes with this group. Once you get heavily involved with coaching or taking Intensive after Intensive you become addicted and dependent on ESP. Run up credit card debt, sell your house, borrow money from your family, friends, cash in your 401K...whatever it takes. You give up the life you have and relationships crumble. It is an extremely destructive, manipulative and controlling organization."

"Good luck in your pursuit of informing the world about the family buster also known as ESP. You are doing something wonderful by alerting the world [about this]...mind altering program. Unfortunately, we had to learn the hard way what ESP stood for. Loosing a family member to this program makes me want to alert other unsuspecting families. My relative has become like a complete stranger. Please continue your good work!"

"I wanted to take this opportunity to personally thank you for all the information your website has provided about Raniere and ESP. The Forbes piece will hopefully get people to see Mr. Raniere for who he really is. It took me a couple of months after completing the first ten days [of training] to realize what was truly going on. Espians are interested in filling their classes and participants receive compensation for the new members recruited. They encourage you to complete the first level at least two times. The coaches do not have the proper psychological training. They claim that with more ESP classes and training you will become 'fully integrated' and 'ethical.' [But] participants [often become] isolated and only associate with [other] Espians. As a result they [may] distance themselves from family and friends. I recognized this early on, [but] others [may] not be so lucky. Hopefully Mr. Raniere's newest...scheme will collapse."

"A good friend became a Keith Raniere follower. There are a lot of women who did get involved with Keith's philosophies on life. He 'mentored' them, manipulated would be a better term. Keith advised her to leave a relationship because she wasn't 'ready' to interact with other people. She didn't leave the relationship. Her 'coach' had her on the phone helping her 'explore' the destructive personal relationship that she was entering. Everything within the ESP group revolved around a person doing exactly what Keith said/advised. I was so happy when she left that group!"

"I live in Monterrey, the most important industrial city in Mexico. As such, it's a place where the average income is much higher than that of the rest of the country; as a matter of fact, Latin America's wealthiest neighborhood is located here. And even thought it might be just a coincidence, I've just found out ESP has a thriving business here! (or so they claim). A couple of my friends were invited to their seminars."

"Thanks for posting the information about NXVIM/ESP on your website. I live near Albany and have known about this guy Raniere for a few years. I have been solicited to attend ESP meetings, but always thought it was a cult [sic]. I first heard of Raniere when someone told me about Consumers Buyline. You have no mention of his career in between Consumers Buyline and ESP. After Consumers Buyline died he began another company, which was a health food and vitamin concern. This concept also included selling memberships for discounts. Raniere set up two stores, one in Halfmoon, NY, and one in Saratoga Springs, NY., but that company died too. Anyway, I've always believed this guy was a manipulator. I'm glad to see that information is being made public about him. It's sad that so many people have paid so much money to be led into his web of delusion."

"My best friend recently quit his job, abandoned his friends and moved in with his parents so he could continue in ESP. After a 16-day intensive he was another person who spoke in a monotone. He then said we are no longer friends, because we do not share the same 'moral code.' The 'Espians' are his friends. My belief is that this is a cult and Keith Raniere is taking advantage of people."

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