‘Predator’ Jerry Falwell Jr. sent lewd photo of Liberty student, pool boy claims

New York Post/August 26, 2020

By Ben Feuerherd

The former pool boy who claims to have had an affair with Jerry Falwell Jr.’s wife while the evangelical leader watched accused him of being a “predator” who once sent him a photo of a Liberty University student exposing herself at his family’s farm.

In a statement released Tuesday night, Giancarlo Granda said Falwell sending him the photo is “not appropriate” behavior for someone who, until this week, was in a position of power over thousands of college students.

“The reality is Jerry Falwell is a predator. I know this because he sent me an image of a female Liberty University student exposing herself at their farm,” Granda said in the statement released on Twitter.

“This is not appropriate conduct [for someone] who up until this week, has been charged with overseeing the well-being of thousands of vulnerable and impressionable students,” he added.

In an interview with the Washington Post, Falwell said he believes the photo in question was an image of one of his daughter-in-law’s friends wearing “granny panties” that he insisted was not sexual.

Falwell told the newspaper that the photo was captured when he and his wife were out of town and his daughters-in-law and a friend were using their guest house to cook. One of the women was video recording, and as a joke, the friend lifted up her skirt and exposed her underwear, he said.

“She had on, I don’t know how to say this, granny panties,” he told the Washington Post.

Falwell said he sent screenshots of the image to several people because he thought it was funny. He added that he couldn’t remember if he sent it to Granda, who he said is a “liar” and a “criminal.”

Granda has claimed that he and Falwell’s wife, Becki Falwell, had a seven-year-long affair and that the evangelical leader liked to observe.

“He enjoyed watching us in person and also remotely through video cameras,’’ Granda told Politico of Jerry Falwell Jr. “He also listened to our phone calls.”

Becki has admitted to having an affair, but said Falwell did not watch.

Falwell has claimed Granda — whom the couple met when he was 20 and working as a pool boy at a hotel, then later went into business with on a gay-friendly Miami hostel — threatened to extort the family by making the affair public. Granda has denied the blackmail allegations.

Falwell resigned as president of Liberty this week after the sordid scandal went public.

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