'We were raised in sex cult' Blonde Electra reveal dad thinks he's God's prophet

Daily Star, UK/October 10, 2014

By Nadia Mendoza

They have been ridiculed as the female Jedward, the novelty act that doesn't deserve a place on The X Factor live shows.

Yet it seems Blonde Electra – sisters Jazzy, 24, and Ruby, 22 – aren't actually a panto fake, but the real kooky deal with a very unconventional secret past.

And the aspiring songbirds haven't been scouted from an extras agency nor plucked from stage school, but were actually raised in a sex cult.

The girls revealed: "Our dad has 11 children, is George Osborne’s [Chancellor of the Exchequer] cousin and thinks he’s God’s prophet on earth.

"Our parents met in a sex commune but have taken a vow of chastity and live as brother and sister. And yes, our sister is married to Cher’s son."

Jazzy continued: "We’re very British, although people get confused with the accent.

"I think it’s because we moved around and our father home-schooled us [they've lived in 33 countries].

"Dad speaks with a very upper-class accent. Our ancestors would have had tea with the Queen... Obviously, all that ended when dad was disowned for running off to the sex cult."

Speaking to the Daily Mail, the reality star hopefuls candidly spoke about their dad, Michael Jaffray King, and the cult he joined in Brazil.

The sect was called Children of God, who allegedly encouraged women to parade around topless.

It is here that he met the girls' German-born mother Joanna, who they claim is his "greatest follower", essentially a groupie who believes he is a prophet.

The cult is said to have used sex "as a bargaining tool", which the sisters liken to prostitution.

They said: "It didn’t start out being about sex. They were just hippies, but then the guy who led it said everybody needs sex like they need to eat, and sex was used to support the group."

King, who later founded his own group, believes his mission is "to save the world" and according to the siblings is "the biggest diva ever."

Having bid farewell to cult life back in the 90s, the girls' parents took a vow of celibacy in order to convert to Catholicism.

This now means, in the eyes of God, they are brother and sister.

As a result, the girls confided their folks don't have sex and sleep in separate bedrooms.

Having chosen their own path, Jazzy and Ruby's parents have now disowned them, with their father delightfully taking to Facebook to slate them as they hit the spotlight in the UK.

Jazzy said they have been "excommunicated" and been branded "evil" for taking part in "Devil’s work".

They concluded: "It's just dad. He is not all there… It’s a case of 'good riddance to bad rubbish'."

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