Children of God cult leader 'told followers to celebrate God in huge sex orgies'

David Berg, leader of Children of God cult, shared ways to fantasise about romps with Jesus

Mirror, UK/February 27, 2019

By Bradley Jolly

A notorious cult leader told followers to celebrate God with mass sex orgies and fantasise about romps with Jesus while performing sex acts, a new book claims.

David Berg often issued precise instructions to those loyal to the Children of God cult about sexual activity, according to Jo Thornely’s book Zealot.

The group sprang up in the US in the 1960s but by 1977 had 130 communities around the world.

Followers were encouraged to imagine Jesus was present when they were having sex.

Mr Berg issued a “Mo Letter” containing a list of things you could say to Jesus while you pretended you were making love to him.

These included X-rated phrases such as “I receive your love, Lord, with open arms and open legs” and “flood me with your seeds”.

The book alleges Mr Berg was fine with female homosexuality, but described two men making love to one another as “distasteful”.

Ms Thornely said: “Women — whether they felt like it or not — were required to share themselves sexually with other men in the Children of God homes. It was considered a duty, and a duty that was only required of women.

“Within the Children of God, adult men only had sex when they wanted to, but very frequently, adult women had sex when they didn’t want to and with people they did not want to have sex with.”

Mr Berg, who died in 1994, also instructed women to dance for him, the book alleges.

He liked the women to fondle themselves while they danced but any woman who was heavily pregnant or had “sagging breasts” had to cover up.

“Thanks to his love of sexism and exploitation, Berg taught his followers that women were made for men. They’re God’s way of saying, ‘Here, I love you, so I made you a thing with boobs on it,’” Ms Thornley added.

Ms Thornley explores various cults across the world in her book Zealots.

The blurb reads: "Why would anyone join a cult?

"Maybe they're unhappy with their current religion, or they want to change the world, or they're disappointed with their lives and want to find something bigger or holier that makes sense of this confusing, chaotic and dangerous world.

"Or maybe they just want to give themselves the best possible chance of having sex with aliens."

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