Bedtime Stories

This nanny's letters about sex with children were compiled into a guidebook

Houston Press/November 17, 2005
By Craig Malisow

This is a sidebar to this week's feature, "Family Ties."

Sara Kelley was Ricky Rodriguez's nanny and wrote the letters that ultimately were compiled into the 762-page Story of Davidito, intended as a child-rearing guide for the Family.

Kelley's last known address is a Family home in southwest Houston. Also listed at the address are her husband, Alfred Strickland Kelley, and two of their daughters.

Kelley writes on page 426, when Rodriguez was about four or five and she was in her late twenties: "One night, Davidito was thumbing through a Playboy magazine and he came to the foldout. 'Oh, she's pretty. What's her name?' We answered, 'Sheila.' He asked if he could put her up on the wall by his bed like Daddy [Berg] does, and then kissed her nipples and stroked her picture all over…Later in the night, he wanted to take a picture of me nudie on the bed, so he stood in a chair and Alf helped him aim the camera."

On page 457, Kelley writes about Rodriguez's frustration over not getting any attention while there's an orgy going on in the house. So, of course, Kelley did what any nanny would do.

"He wanted his turn, and as soon as I got into bed, he jumped on me and said, 'Sara, love me.' He specifically asked for several swigs of wine, got happy real quick, so we really had a good time! Alf, Tim [most likely key Family member Timothy Concerned] and Mommy [Zerby] were outside the door listening to him. 'Sara, now kiss it!' And then he began to laugh. 'Oh, it flopped in your nose!' "

Kelley wrote that Rodriguez liked the "love" so much that he wanted his playmate Davida (Kelley's daughter, around the same age as Rodriguez) to take part.

" 'Sara, we're going to have to teach Davida to like to fuck and not push me away'…The very next night, I couldn't find them after dinner, but then spotted them right at the top of the stairs -- banging away on each other! Imagine! It's a good thing she liked it that time."

In 2003, Kelley appeared before Houston City Council. According to that meeting's minutes, she said she was with a Family group called Making Kids Smile. She requested the council's support for a "very special fun day" she was organizing for children at AstroWorld.

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