Angry because of Friends Landing

October 1998
A 13 year old younger brother's thoughts

Right now I am very unhappy and disappointed in my older brother--because he is in a strange group called "Friends Landing" and doesn't seem to care about us.

When he says he loves me--I feel he is full of crap. I think he will come out of the group, but it might take years. I feel frustrated and don't know of anything that I can do to help him get out. He seems so stuck in this group.

He has hurt my feelings, so it is hard to have good feelings for him right now. But if he comes out of this weird group--I would consider talking to him again--right now it's really difficult.

He got involved because he was having some problems and wanted friends--so that made it easier for him to be convinced by Friend's Landing.

I don't think I'm vulnerable like my brother was, but you never know--because he probably felt the same way.