State to remain involved in faith healing case

Fox 12 KPTV, Oregon/July 12, 2012

Oregon City, Oregon -- The state will remain involved in the case of Alayna Wyland, whose parents were convicted of criminal mistreatment last year in a Faith Healing trial, for failing to treat her serious eye condition with medical care.

During a hearing Thursday afternoon, a judge decided there is still reason to be concerned the now 2-year-old girl will not receive treatment if the courts don't stay involved.

When asked under oath whether he could make guarantee continued medical treatment without state involvement, Timothy Wyland, Alayna's father, said he could not.

Timothy and Rebecca Wyland, who are members of the Followers of Christ Church, have stated medical care conflicts with their religious beliefs.

Their daughter suffers from a growth of blood vessels known as a hemangioma, which affected her eye socket and threatened her vision, according to doctors.

In a report dated this July, Department of Human Services workers noted improvement in her condition, and cooperation of her parents who have been attending medical appointments, as part of their three year probation.

However, the Judge decided risk remains to the child, without the supervision of DHS workers and the court system.

He scheduled a hearing for next July to revisit the case.

The Wylands and their attorney declined to comment following the hearing.

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