Followers of Christ Visitor Comments

"I was a lifetime member then was excommunicated. I was 19 and divorced my husband, which was not acceptable. When the elder was still alive he would not permit this. In fact I was told that the abuse was my fault and that I needed to obey my husband so this would not happen. I still suffer from the church's influence and beliefs. My family had to think of me as dead. That is how I felt too, dead."

"I am a former member of the 'Followers of Christ.' In the last few years since leaving the church, my life is so much better. I have a clear mind and make my own decisions. I don't feel under the bondage of the church anymore, but my family is still there. They are very good and decent people, though led astray. They are trying to do what they feel is right and are so worried about not being good enough. They believe that you must earn your way to heaven. But the bible says salvation is a gift from God. If we had to earn it, then why did Jesus die on the cross? I wish they could see that God does heal at times through a doctor's hands. I feel like my eyes are finally open for the first time in my life, and pray every day that my family's eyes will soon open too."

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