Getting to know the Neighborhood: The Freemans

The Whitworthian, Washington/November 12, 2008

Tucked behind a gauzy curtain of dogwood, willow and ponderosa trees, the richly landscaped gardens and manicured lawn of the Freeman residence make it a prominent piece of property on the corner of Whitworth Drive and West Hawthorne across the street from the president's house.

Similar to how the curtain of trees obscures the full view of the house, an air of mystery fueled by a cloud of controversy has surrounded the couple and other residents of the house since before they moved into the property adjacent to Whitworth grounds.

Since late 2004 when the Freemans first purchased their home and other property close by, several articles about the couple and their more than 40 years in ministry have been published. In the articles, including a series that appeared in The Whitworthian, some people had very positive things to say, while others had very negative reflections on both the couple and their ministry.

"We don't have a formal work or affiliation, but whoever wants to hear the Gospel can hear it," Pat Freeman said in a recent interview. "We're just Christian people, loving the Lord and we want some part of Christ to be testified."

Pat's husband, Bill Freeman, a Fuller Theological Seminary graduate, carries out much of his ministerial work through his work as editor of a periodical publication called the Christian.

"[Bill] ministers and travels very informally," Pat said.

Bill is also founder of Ministry of the Word, Inc. The organization is "a ministry serving the Body of Christ through publications, the Internet and conferences," according to the ministry's Web site.

Bill has also authored 40 books, booklets and outline studies on the believer's experience of Christ in daily life and its practical relationship to the church. Many of these are available on the Web site.

The Freeman's Ministry

Pat said that she did not view her and her husband's ministry as an occupation.

"A ministry shouldn't be a professional job," Pat said. "The best would be if Christ becomes our living-not through our belief in mere objective fact, but by having a heart for Christ."

Pat said that since she and Bill married over 50 years ago, both her husband and her ministry have remained rooted in the basic belief both still carry today.

"I knew Christ was the answer and the Word of God was there to guide us," Pat said. "But people come with all their problems and you need to have your own genuine experience where you are not passing on mere objective truth. When it comes to people knowing the Lord, it has to be held and loved-that is, you need a relationship, not just mere objective knowledge."

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