Gospel Assembly Visitor Comments

"I am a former member of the Gospel Assembly Church, which used to be in Tampa, Florida, but relocated to Dade City, Florida. I spent almost 25 years there and saw the control it had over people. I married in the church and only stayed because I was afraid of losing my husband. Finally, the time came when I felt I could no longer live like that. I felt if heaven was like this I didn't even want to go and came close to ending my life. The verbal abuse from the pulpit got so bad that my husband and I finally opened up to one another and decided to leave. We were turned over for destruction. But it has now been 7 wonderful years since we left and we are happier than we could ever have imagined. We found a bible believing church that loves God and helps people. It doesn't judge or control. For all others in this situation, there is life after Gospel Assembly Church."

"My wife and I were once caught up in this cult. We were told that we were 'serving the Lord, but actually we were serving Tom Jolly, Louise Jernigan and the mind-controlling, power hungry ministers and their wives. Due to the emotional and physical stress that we lived under, my wife suffered a breakdown, which left her unable to work. We were there when the accusations against Tom Jolly were first made. I was sitting in the sanctuary that very day. One of the members stood up and brought it all out into the open. A very brave person. Then others stood up and accused Jolly. My wife and I were involved so deeply and personally with this group. They ruined hundreds of people's lives."

"I am also a person that has been delivered from Gospel Assembly. Thanks for taking time to help expose this abuse. I went to Gospel Assembly in Houston for years and it is my true belief that it is a 'cult.' The Church is full of self righteousness and poorly educated people who often lack the most minimal social skills. They are sweet people, but are so terribly brainwashed even the simplest ability to reason seems to elude them. The Lord delivered me from this oppression 15 years ago. My personal experience since and growth in Christ cannot be expressed in words. Please let us pray that the scales will be taken from the eyes of those still within this group and that they might find the true teachings of Christ our Savior who sacrificed and died for us all."

"Your Gospel Assembly page has been quite informative! Thank you for getting information out that may otherwise be concealed. I have family and friends who have been DEEPLY hurt emotionally and financially by this destructive church. Many of my friends in their 20's were told that they were getting the BEST education in this cult and have recently discovered that the school is NOT state accredited and many of the teachers only have high school education themselves. They 'graduates' don't even have a GED. The feelings of loss and betrayal are devastating when you were deceived as a child and teen for so long by adults. I hope all will soon open their eyes! Thank You For your Information!"

"I just discovered your website and the Gospel Assembly page. I'm so thrilled to see it. I just had to email you and thank you for this. The work you are doing is very important. I am a former member of the Gospel Assembly Church, of Des Moines, Iowa. My parents moved to Des Moines when I was 6 years old and I was brainwashed by that church until age 17. Thanks again, so much."

"I was a Member of Gospel Assembly for 28 years, under T.M. Jolly. The information [on your site] is very true and vital for the public to know. As far as I know the sexual abuse has stopped, but the mind control and mental abuse hasn't. The preachers still drive [luxury cars] while many of the members suffer financially. Some [preachers also] have big expensive homes. The people know what is going on, but are afraid to say anything because of the 'wrath of God'."

"I don't see any thing about the West Coast. In recent years this church has moved into the West Coast. I know this because I was involved for more than ten years. I have been to their 'general meetings' where thousands of members attend from all over. I struggle with the teachings of this group to this day--I got involved when I was very young. When I told the pastor I wanted to leave he preached that I was a 'worker of iniquity' and the congregation was told not to fellowship with me. This group is still alive and thriving--they are in the Pacific Northwest...[in] Bellingham and Seattle Washington."

"I am a former member of Gospel Assembly Church in Des Moines, Iowa. I was an Elder in the church for several years. I want to thank you for the information about this destructive church that you have on your site. I was in the Bellingham and Seattle Assemblies for several years before moving to Des Moines and have been out of the 'cult' for two years now. Our family is trying to adjust to the real world and we are very thankful to be free. I would like for anyone around the country to feel free to contact me at my This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. address."

"God bless you for the information that you have made public on your site. Unfortunately, I too attended the Gospel Assembly Church in St. Louis, and their 'Conventions' in Louisville, KY three times a year. One problem though--you are only scratching the surface [and] it was and is much, much worse than depicted. The abuse by TM Jolly was way more than he was charged with and the number of [reported] victims. Since Jolly died, [his church] did shrink, but his control still reaches from the grave. They have built on their grounds on Tesson Ferry Rd. in St. Louis, with the [money] Jolly stockpiled. Once the right 'leader' is located it is my belief they will be destroying lives again in record numbers."

"The churches led by Lloyd Goodwin were a haven for spiritual, mental, psychological and physical abuse. I know first hand of many cases of mind control, and abuse of religious power. Children ages 13-14 were employed and paid in cash by a cleaning service ran by the pastor's mistress. I was a part of this cult for 17 years and was in good favor with the pastor until the last 2 years of my affiliation. While most of the abuse there was psychological and may not gain attention from the outside world, there is concern over sexual abuse that happened to young girls in the church. This is a crime and can't be 'forgiven' as some encourage. Crimes against innocent girls are just that--criminal. They can't be excused as a moral weakness for a preacher. I hope you can do more to shed national attention to this destructive cult. They are small, but strong with new churches starting up. Each man is rewarded a ministry by the 'man of God' and I'm afraid that also means the ability to pick and chose victims at will."

"I grew up from within Gospel Assembly from 1952-1977. When I finally had the common sense to leave--I left behind many friends and relatives. I have suffered emotionally and mentally over the years and yet even my own family still there see me as part of 'Babylon' and 'lost.' The stories I could tell are so sad. Even though I am free from this group it still affects me."

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