Soka Gakkai Member, Shinichi Kuzuha, Arrested for Attempted Arson

Emyo/September 1, 1999

Seikyo Shimbun reports, having fanned the flames, caused Gakkai arsonist, Shinichi Kuzuha to even attempt murder of an NS priest. He had in his possession a 30-centimeter-long carving knife to kill the priest with, as he, himself stated.

9:50 a.m., August 17, NS Hoshoji temple, Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Pref., Japan.

The 46-year-old man, Shinichi Kuzuha said to the police with a grin, "I was wondering why other Gakkai members are not as militant against the evil religion, Nichiren Shoshu despite the Seikyo Shimbun reports on how terrible NS is. I thought, "If others do not, I will do it." I had a 30-centimeters-long carving knife to kill (Rev.) Eijun with when he came out of the temple to escape from the fire. When I am released from jail, I will do it again, no matter how many times it takes, until I accomplish my goal."

Fortunately for Hoshoji temple, they had found the arsonist before he set fire to the gasoline, which he had scattered about. The wife of chief priest Rev. Eijun Ishii was watching a monitor because a visitor was expected to arrive at the temple at ten a.m. However, at 9:50 a.m., what she found was not the visitor but an arsonist scattering gasoline about the temple grounds.

She cried out in alarm and called for help. Mr. Ishii, the director general of the temple, who happened to be there, tackled the arsonist despite Kuzuha's menacing behavior, as Kuzuha attempted to set fire to the gasoline. Mr. Ishii subdued the arsonist. Police soon arrived and arrested Kuzuha. Rev. Eijun Ishii was not at the temple during the incident.

Kuzuha and his family members are all faithful Gakkai members. His father is one of the top leaders of the SG group located in the environs of the temple.

Soka Shimpo, SG's organ newspaper, has been slandering NS with its repeated anti-NS campaigns against Hoshoji. Incidents such as this are the result of their campaigns. Needless to say, the campaign attacks by the Soka Shimpo were ordered by Ikeda.

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