Wire-Tapping Devices Found in Hotel Room

The Weekly Post/March 23, 1998

Two wire-tapping devices were found in a special hospitality suite in a hotel in Takamatsu City on March 7. The hotel reported the incident to the police. The room has not been offered to the general public and the Emperor and Empress as well as Prince and Princess stayed in this room last year. This coming July, the Price and Princess are scheduled to stay in the room.

On the night when the devices were found, the person who stayed in the room was Nikken Abe, the master of Nichiren School, one of the largest Buddhist schools in Japan. Master Abe has been struggling with the Sokagakkai, the largest religious group in Japan. Both parties have filed lawsuits against each other. Now, their fight has escalated. The Sokagakkai has said that they installed wiretaps in the office of the Japan Communist Party. The hotel incident was reportedly related to Abe's struggle with the Sokagakkai.

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