Daisku Ikeda speaks

In his own words:

"When democracy is put into practice by the unthinking masses, liberty will be misinterpreted as license; rights will be claimed while duties remain unfulfilled; and the loss of order will allow evil to become rampant"
Complete Works of Daisku Ikeda page 176

"The structural reformation avowed by socialists is necessary for the attainment of public welfare."
Complete works of Daisaku Ikeda page 179

"I feel the time to take over Japan has come close. A party that can't take the rein of the government need not exist. But don't worry. Here, I am behind the party "
Photo gathering with members of the Komei Party, November 16 1976

"It is obvious, then, that Buddhist democracy and humanitarian socialism, the ideas which meet the needs of the age, are guiding principles for building a new socialism for a new era. The theoretical clarification of the practices of the Sokagakkai and the Komeito proves the relationship between the Sokagakkai and the Komeito exactly meets the needs of our time. I declare that the most ideal relationship between politics and religion is fully realized, both in political ideas and their actual practice, through correct Buddhism."
Complete Writings of Daisaku Ikeda page 192

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