Goel Ratzon indicted in Tel Aviv

The Jerusalem Post/February 14, 2010

Charges filed against alleged cult leader include rape, sodomy, enslavement.

Goel Ratzon, the alleged cult leader arrested in January, was indicted in the Tel Aviv District Court Sunday morning.

The 25-page indictment includes charges of rape, sodomy, molestation and enslavement, Army Radio reported.

Ratzon continues to insist that all acts committed with consent of the other parties involved.

Ratzon is suspected of imposing punishments on women under his control when they violated ordinances he established, often with financial penalties.

The radio station quoted the Israel Police as saying that most of the women have agreed to testify against Ratzon during the trial.

"I didn't see any complaints. The women were happy," Ratzon's son was reported as saying. "Today all of the sudden it's the opposite."

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