CNN exposes George Rekers' harmful 'therapy' to change gays to straights

Metro Weekly/June 11, 2011

This week, Anderson Cooper explored the anti-gay work of George Rekers, who has made a career of promoting the idea that homosexuality and "sissy boy" behavior can be prevented through "therapy."

According to the 3-part CNN report, a boy named Kirk Andrew Murphy was experimented on by George Rekers to stop his "feminine" behavior. The boy's family members claim that the experiments conducted at UCLA and continued at home were devastating to Murphy. He eventually came out as gay but carried the burden of Rekers' anti-gay techniques for his entire life. And, at 38, Kirk Murphy committed suicide.

In the second part of the series, CNN shows how Rekers has used Kirk Murphy as a prime example of the effectiveness of his experimental "therapy." A camera crew caught up with Rekers on the street to ask him what he thought about Murphy's family assertion that Rekers' experiments led to his suicide. Rekers took no responsibility, saying that he had provided "positive treatment" and that he "only meant to help."

"I didn't know that [he committed suicide]. That's too bad.... I think, scientifically, that would be inaccurate to assume it was the therapy. But I do grieve for the parents now that you've told me that news."

Rekers was caught last year in the company of a gay male escort. CNN details how Rekers' "research" and failed "treatment" continues to be used as scientific evidence by anti-gay organizations. Its also come to light that Rekers has been paid by to provide "expert testimony" by Florida's Attorney General and others who seek to block the legal rights of gay families. An accompanying article at CNN details more of Kirk Murphy's story and touches on the stories of other children involved in Rekers' techniques.

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