Greater Grace World Outreach Visitor Comments

"I was there from South. Berwick to Lenox, Massachusetts and reduced from a woman of faith to a subservient nonentity. Stevens replaced Jesus in a slow process with nonstop messages. His very presence once electrified me. He filled my mind as a deliverer, but also filled me with fear, which I now recognize as a warning. It was so awful that I cut the cord. But it has taken me many years to get over it."

"I was in GGWO in Chile South America. The evidence of the cult was undeniable. Everything revolved around Carl Stevens. And the only visit he did to the country I didn't see him once sharing with the people, the way you would expect a Pastor to do. On the contrary. He moved around the city as an unreachable, politician."

"I was in the cult, 'The Bible Speaks' with Dr.Carl Stevens, now called Greater Grace World Outreach. It is a cult to the 11th degree [sic]. I was in it for a year, when it had a branch in California."

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