Secret recording: Hutaree leader rehearses a speech

Detroit Free Press/April 19, 2010

Federal court officials today released a secret recording of David Stone, the leader of the Hutaree Christian militia in Lenawee County, made as he practices a speech to supporters during a Feb. 6 car ride to a national militia meeting.

Prosecutors previously refused to release the recording to the news media, saying it would jeopardize Stone's free trial rights. Today, U.S. District Judge Victoria Roberts released the recording and other evidence.

During the speech, Stone said Americans were waiting for people like militia members to decide to go to war against the New World Order, a group of international power brokers he said had taken over the U.S. government.

"We outnumber them, " Stone said. "They forget, they live in our neighborhoods. They shop at our grocery stores. They eat at our restaurants. We are the ones who control everything in this nation from preparing the food that they eat to running the power stations. … "

Stone, 45, of Clayton, and eight others are charged with seditious conspiracy, attempting to use weapons of mass destruction and possession of a firearm in relation to a crime of violence. The weapons of mass destruction charge is the most serious, carrying a maximum penalty of life in prison.

All nine defendants are being held without bond but an April 27 hearing is scheduled to address defense lawyers’ legal arguments that they are not flight risks and not dangerous to the community.

The court today also released photos today, including a group shot of the Hutaree, that show arrows pointing to the nine defendants in the case.

Other photos include weapons seized from a suspect, Thomas Piatek, 46, who was arrested in Indiana and an alleged diagram of an explosive.

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