Hutaree church leader defends congregation

WTVG-TV News, Ohio/March 31, 2010

One of the leaders at the church the Hutaree members attended is speaking out and defending her congregation.

The group's alleged ringleader has attended the Baptist church in Hudson, Michigan, for eight years. We spoke with the pastor's wife today.

Just a few weeks ago, Joshua Stone got married at Thornhill Baptist Church, but the pastor's wife wants everyone to know her husband had nothing to do with the ceremony.

Our related slideshow shows pictures of David Stone Sr. and his wife Tina on their wedding day, including a picture of Tina with a gun-toting child. It's unknown where these photos were taken but we do know the family recently threw a similiar-style wedding at Thornhill Baptist Church.

Donna Spurgeon, the pastor's wife, told us "We don't condone their activities in any way, shape or form. We were shocked by the allegations. We had no idea. We thought they were hunters. It's nothing to see people in camouflage anymore." Donna Spurgeon and her husband took Joshua Stone and his new wife out to dinner the very same night their house was raided by the FBI.

Shortly after the Spurgeons left the couple, they showed up at Robert Dudley's property. Dudley told us, "He came here and said they arrested his dad and they were looking for him and he needed a place to stay." Dudley let the couple and some of their friends stay in a camper. He says he's known the teen's father for about 15 years. His reaction to the indictment: "A person is innocent until proven guilty."

But innocence is something some are questioning. About those Hutaree training videos we've been showing you -- Robert Dudley told us today those were shot on his 53-acre property.

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