Church of God Restoration Visitor Comments

Note: This church is independent and not affiliated with the Church of God congregations.

"The fact is, Danny Layne's group is very controlling to say the least. They say they're not legalistic and don't adhere to man-rule, but that is quite the contrary. They're harsh, dogmatic, and won't even think of seeing it another way. They do however come across as the sweetest people you'd ever meet. And I do believe that many of those people are sincere and believe their way is right. And I've come to know and love some of their people. But I can't, and won't live my life and raise a family in a place where man is exalted higher than God."

"I was raised in the Church of God Restoration and can't even begin to tell how many horrible things I experienced being in that church. My self-esteem was greatly affected. I never attended public school and didn't have the chance to build a normal social life. I was told that I would never attend college. After leaving the church my life is 100% better. I am going to college, dating, building a great social life and enjoying the many things I missed out on growing up."

"Thank you for exposing David Layne. I was associated with him at the beginning of his ministry. We met the year after he was supposedly saved. Layne was a very effective speaker about his drug addiction. Much to my regret now I took David under my wing and encouraged him. But before long he sought attention for himself, claiming he was more spiritual than anyone else. He appeared to have a desire for preeminence. Layne wanted to build up a following and make himself a dictator. His whole method was abusive, tearing down self-esteem and then building up only those that followed him blindly. But he would always keep raising the bar to retain control. Layne's own mother said he could not be ruled. I pass this on so that others may not be snared. God is not at the beck and call of any man. Jesus Christ said, 'If I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto me.'"

"I grew up in the Church of God Restoration. Layne is a Devil in sheep's clothing, corrupting the young and innocent and deceiving the sincere at heart; not to mention killing newborn and minors through medical neglect. I was a part of the church from the very beginning. Sincere as they may seem, the system was corrupt from the very first."

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